We started Loopit to improve the quality and utility of the customer reviews of health & wellness providers

Loopit is a new online community for local consumers to discover authentic, relevant, trustworthy reviews of health and wellness providers


Our mission is to revolutionize online reviews in healthcare

A Loopit Review is a better review.  Here are some of the reasons why...

Fair, Authentic Reviews

Only your customers or patients are allowed to submit a review of your business or practice.  Every review you receive is from one of your customers.

Effective Customer Engagement

With a Loopit Review, you can respond to every review, which opens up a lot of possibilities.  Whether your response is to educate, clarify or apologize, you not only address that customer's issue, but demonstrate how you engage to future customers as well.

Actionable Insights

How great is it that your customers point out areas of your practice that you could improve?  Reviews done right are invaluable sources of performance improvement ideas and an excellent way to build rapport and trust.

Enhance Your Marketing

Use your Loopit Reviews in your marketing efforts.  Place the Loopit Widget on your website so customers can read your reviews.  Post reviews effortlessly to Facebook or Twitter.  Use your Loopit Practice or Provider Score icons in your print or web advertising. 

Exposure to New Customers

Your business and provider reviews will be listed on your own page on www.goloopit.com.  Your listing will be visible to all visitors to the site, giving you additional exposure to potential new customers.

Build a Consistent Flow of Reviews

Since reviews are so much more influential these days, you need to get many more reviews.  Your reviews need to be refreshed with the reviews of most recent customers across all your services.

Improve Your Performance

Use your Loopit Reviews productively.  Since reviews are in one place and are comparable with each other, you can identify blind spots in your performance or areas to improve.

Don't just get more reviews.

Get real insight from your customers.

Loopit Manages Reviews... and more

In a busy practice, you may be concerned that proactively getting more reviews will add work to your staff.  With Loopit, you don't need to worry.  Once your staff invites the patient to submit a review, we take care of the rest.


Founded by a peer who has experienced the same broken review process as you

Dennis schimpf, md, mba, facs

Loopit Founder & Chairman

"When reviews started appearing online, no one thought about making sure they were real or accurate"

"Nearly every new patient reads patient reviews.  Today, reviews can have more impact than all other forms of marketing"

"I started Loopit so patients can read real, accurate reviews and providers can engage with their patients in a trustworthy place online"

From evolution to solution.  Loopit.

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