Be a stand out in a "sea of sameness"

Listen, engage and strengthen your connection to customers

Get more reviews from your customers and reviews that are more insightful. Gain a deeper understanding of your customer's experience. Identify blind spots in your performance and correct them before they result in customer loss.

Why a Loop Review is superior to other reviews

Versatile Uses for Your Business

Loop Reviews can be used for multiple purposes in your business, such as:

  • Share to your social media accounts

  • Use in your advertising & marketing activities

  • Identify performance improvement areas

  • Use to educate future customers

  • Use for employee engagement and assessment

Get Continuous, Refreshed Feedback

Get reviews regularly by weaving Loop Reviews into your daily business workflow. With a wide range of review templates to choose from, you can get feedback across a number of dimensions of your business.

Highly Informative for Consumers

Future customers will benefit from detailed reviews about your business and your providers.  With 93% of consumers using reviews in their selection of health and wellness providers, you want to provide authentic, accurate and current reviews to consumers.

Easy to Administer

It only takes a few steps for your staff to send an invitation to your customers

Easy for Customers

The invitation contains a personalized link where customers leave their review 

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Share your Loop Reviews on your website & social media channels

Expand the utility and reach of your reviews


Install the Loop Reviews plug-in and display all of your Loop Reviews on your own website.


Share reviews of your choosing to your businesses Instagram account with a single click. 


Rolling out in select cities, your reviews are posted within local community websites.


Share reviews of your choosing to your businesses Twitter account  with a single



Share reviews of your choosing to your businesses Facebook account with a single


Open up a new world of insight into your customer's experience

Loop Reviews helps you better understand what drives your customers and maintain an ongoing listening process so you are never surprised.

Loop Reviews systematically builds a robust database of customer experience reviews across a number of operational dimensions that will help you see your performance over time.

Understanding the specific factors that comprise your customer's experience and an updated view of how you are performing along each factor are essential to customer loyalty and referrals.

Some areas where Loop Reviews can measure your performance:

  • Pricing clarity

  • Value for money

  • Expectations management

  • Ease of making appointments

  • Timeliness

  • Attitude

  • Respectfulness

  • Communications

  • Delivery

  • Follow-up

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Key Product Features


Admin Portal

You will have your own Loop Reviews account where you can send review invitations to your customers, manage responses and much more


New Review Alerts

Each time you receive a new review from a customer, we will send you an email.  If action is required, we will tell you that right away, so you can take action promptly


Review Responder

A key part of engagement is to respond thoughtfully to reviews. Use these interactions wisely and we give you the tools to do that


Performance Analysis

Unique to Loop Reviews is our aggregation tools that show how you perform over time along key customer dimensions


Editable Business Page

You will have your own, editable business page on Loop Reviews community sites, so you can give your future customers the kind of information they need to learn about you


Invitation Manager

Keep this page open on your desktop as you check-in and check-out customers to make sending review invitations a breeze


Marketing Tools

Leverage reviews in your marketing with a powerful tool kit. Loop Reviews are pre-packaged to share on your social media platforms, your website and the Loop Reviews Community  


AI -Assisted Analysis

We use artificial intelligence to analyze, categorize and score written comments, so you can make sense out of them and take action



You will be listed on our new public Loop Reviews website, a community for only health & wellness providers and their reviews


Loyalty Ratings

We measure customer loyalty and referral strength in every review and track the results across your business and your providers over time