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Your future customers are heavily influenced by your customer reviews - and this is not changing anytime soon.

When selecting a healthcare provider, 93% of consumers state that online reviews are important in their selection process, yet 2/3 of them are not satisfied with current review sites.

For you and your business, reviews have an outsized influence that you need to understand and proactively manage. Since you won't change consumer behavior, make sure they have the right data to influence their decision.

LoopCommunity fixes all of this by giving your customers a place to find the most accurate, authentic and insightful reviews (LoopReviews) of your business. Learn more.

You get dedicated, customizable business pages that contain all of your LoopReviews 




of consumers prefer a single site that provides reviews and profiles of multiple disciplines within healthcare and health & wellness sectors


exclusively dedicated to local healthcare and wellness providers, where your future customers can read authentic, insightful reviews from your actual customers, learn more about your business and make contact with you.