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Only Authentic Reviews

The unfortunate fact is that a vast number of reviews online are fake. While it may be easy for you to tell the difference between a real review and a fake one, your future customers cannot and may result in losing this potential new customer. Every LoopReview is an authentic review, from only your customers.

Every Review is Initiated by You

Customers have a point of view and want to be listened to. It is an intimate step to genuinely ask your customers for feedback. Customers know this and in our experience they will provide a review. In fact, our customers are getting response rates over 30% with LoopReviews.  All you have to do is genuinely ask your customers and send them the invitation.

Structured Reviews

The traditional review features an open text box for each reviewer to write whatever they please. While these unstructured comments are important, a review needs to be much more actionable for it to be of any use.  Every LoopReview features both structured questions and unstructured open text. The structured questions allow you to get honest, actionable feedback from all your reviews.

Review Comparability

A huge benefit of LoopReviews is the standardization that enables you to compare your performance across dozens or hundreds of reviews.  If your experience with reviews to this point has been a traditional review (such as a Google Review), you may have never thought about being able to meaningfully compare one review to many others, but this is one benefit of Loopit.

A LoopReview is easy for your customers

Structured Question Wizard

The LoopReview experience walks your customer through a series of 11 questions that collect actionable insights in a time-efficient manner.

Free-text Comments

Your customers will be able to provide free-text comments like a traditional review.

Multiple Platforms

A LoopReview can be completed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Invitations are sent via email or via SMS text message.

Only authentic reviews from only your customers
Get new, fresh reviews on a regular and continuous basis

Every review is comparable with every other review  
Collect and maintain a large inventory of reviews that accurately represent your business

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