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Specialized Reviews at Scale

Not just any review will do.  To start, you need  every review to be authentic - from an actual customer that has received services from you.  You need a structured, objective, actionable review format. Finally, you need to get new, fresh reviews routinely, so your reviews are current and representative of your business. 

Data-driven Insights

You are committed to your customers. When they care enough to provide you feedback, you want to take action.  But with traditional open-ended reviews, it is nearly impossible to determine whether the sentiment expressed by a one or two customers is representative of the issue.  LoopReviews fixes that, because each one is comparable.  LoopInsights helps you identify issues and act with confidence.

Active Customer Engagement

Every review is an opportunity to engage your customers and prospects. Engagement comes in many forms: educational documents or videos; before and after photos; sharing reviews to Facebook or Twitter; prominently displaying reviews on your website; or a simple response to every review.  All of this is possible with Loopit.

Attract New Customers

Your future customers are influenced by the reviews of your current customers.  We put all of your LoopReviews on one place online.  We call this place the LoopCommunity, because your reviews are alongside like-minded health & wellness providers in your local area. Now, when new customers are looking for your reviews, they can go to the most trusted place to find them: LoopCommunity.


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