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Routinely measure your customer's experience

Deepen your understanding of your customers and grow your business


Loop Reviews is a fresh, effective and self-managed customer feedback process

Seamlessly weave Loop Reviews into your daily business operations as an extension of your commitment to excellence in everything you do

A Loop Review is easy for your customers to complete, while giving you crucial feedback on several important areas of your operations & employees

Loop Reviews are made to be shared publicly on your website and social media channels, and our website so future customers can find you

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Loop Reviews show your future customers an authentic, accurate and engaging profile about you, so they can make better health & wellness decisions 

We have reimagined the 'online review' 

Reviews with substance, not fluff

A Loop Review is a higher-quality review. By combining survey questions with written comments, you get a great deal of actionable insights about every customer experience.  Use this information to promote your business or improve your operations.

Reviews that help you stand out from the competition

A Loop Review consists of more than a star-rating and some comments. Because our reviews include the same survey questions, your customers are able to see how multiple reviewers rate you along the same dimensions.

Reviews you can use to inform and educate future customers

We encourage you to respond to your reviews and our approach is more robust than what you might be used to. In addition to typing a response, we give you the option to attach a document, video, audio or photos to your response. Now, every review is a chance to further educate and inform future customers.

Reviews that monitor your customer loyalty

Loop Reviews keeps an ongoing tally of your customer loyalty and whether your customers will recommend you to others.  When you use Loop Reviews, you are able to maintain a constantly updated view of customer loyalty and likelihood to recommend across your business.  Think of us as an ever-vigilant sentry looking after your business.

  Real-time measurement of your customer's loyalty

Every Loop Review is added to a database and combined with the reviews from all your customers.  We provide you with an ongoing measure of customer loyalty and referral strength, as well as an optional customer ambassador program.

Reviews that give objective performance feedback

We track every Loop Review and package them up in ways that let you see how multiple customers view your performance along a wide range of operational aspects. You get actionable insights that you can act on with confidence.

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Improve your customer engagement

Keep your ear to the ground all the time with a robust customer review program

  • You initiate every review with your customers

  • Respond to reviews with multiple options

  • Share your Loop Reviews on social media with 1 click

  • Identify performance improvement areas

  • Know objectively how you stand vs competitors

  • Powerful review administration tool

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Share your Loop Reviews with your world and attract new customers

Use your reviews to be found by your potential customers in your local community







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